ATRI-TPV Bares y Restaurantes


Efficiently manage your hotel business


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The administration and accounting of a bar or restaurant business can be chaotic at times. However, information technology has reached these businesses as well and has made managing them much easier.

ATRI-TPV Bares y Restaurantes (Bars and Restaurants) is a Windows application that will let you easily manage your business in the hospitality sector.

You can customize each of your business's details, from the employees to the products, filling in all the required information so you can then easily and quickly access it using the program.

It comes with an employee-friendly interface with which they'll be able to easily handle personal accounts, making their work a little easier.

Plus, with ATRI-TPV Bares y Restaurantes you can manage the accounting for your business without missing the smallest detail thanks to all the accounting options included in the program.

The trial version allows you to manage only 100€ and is functional for a 30 day period.

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